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Abdullah Al Mamari:

" The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Let's find your passion with us "

Talent Oasis is an ambitious Omani company, striving to bring to the country and the region the-best-in-class management and HR systems and tools, customized to the needs of the local market. It provides, backed by its world-renowned strategic alliances, cost-effective and solution-oriented consultancy services covering primarily the following areas:

Talent Acquisition& Management
Leadership Development Solutions
HRM Infrastructure Development
Business Success Measurement
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About Talent Oasis

Our message:

Working to provide a comprehensive and flexible curriculum that serves the student's best educational interest.

Our vision:

To become a prominent institute, offering a radical education, producing leaders, innovators and creating new understanding, awareness and knowledge for the development of society.

Our mission:

Focus on the student Strategic Business Planning Measuring business succes Infrastructure development for human resource management Talent acquisition and management Leadership Development Solutions.

Our ambition:

Providing the best professional courses and multi-dimensional skills to train the workforce. In addition to creating advanced and innovative learning solutions covering several fields and industries customized to meet your needs.

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