Assured Certificate in Strategy Execution for Business Leader

About Course


This certificate course is developed to help participants to deliver and translate business strategy into results and to enhance the achievements in business ventures. The programme will provide participants with a comprehensive business strategy execution framework, preparing them to create a high impact business result. The course is composed of 4 different parts during 4 days.


The course is developed based on the 4S Business Strategy Execution Framework, which consists of four main parts:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • System
  • Self

The course is aimed at all business owners/entrepreneurs and executives at leadership and managerial positions who are accountable for delivering and translating business strategy into results.


Upon completion, learners shall be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of 4S Business Strategy Execution Framework.
  • Develop and communicate strategic vision, mission and intent.
  • Understand how to turn strategy into actionable, operational plans.
  • Develop the skills to perform external and internal analyses for companies and to evaluate the dynamics of competition.
  • Identifying and managing the human factors and their impacts on strategy execution.
  • Evaluate and monitor coaching and mentoring impacts and outcomes
  • Fundamentals to Business Strategy
  • Strategy Execution Process 1
  • Strategy Execution Process 2
  • Strategy Execution Process 3
  • “Develop Your Action Plan”
  • Strategy Execution Process 4

Course Curriculum

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