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Being able to present well is a skill highly desired by many but mastered by few. Delivering an interesting, attention-holding presentation requires more than just standing in front of our audience and reciting the information gathered. The ability to present well speaks a lot about a person. Effective speakers do not present for the sake of saying something but because they have something to say and make a difference.

  • An intense and dynamic program designed to bring out the best from the participants.
  • Highly interactive and participative
  • Demonstration of every technique taught
  • Experiential learning
  • Video recording of their own Pre and Post Presentations to see the difference
  • Step by step walk through from “Structuring” to “Delivering” their presentation
  • Individual comments and coachin

In this training, the participants will be immersed in classroom and experiential activities which emphasize on techniques and methods, that will enable them to:

  • Know how to structure a convincing presentation using the Skeleton, Meat and Spice framework
  • Be able to justify and convince the various levels of audience
  • Use appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues to present convincingly
  • Be able to use table and graphs in a more convincing manner
  • Present numbers and reports to management convincingly
  • Know what to say and how to say, when presenting to management or client.
  • Be able to influence and move the audience to their desired outcome.
  • Influence and move the audience to their desired outcome

Course Curriculum

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