Competency Based Interview for Hiring Management

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The Competency-Based Interviewing Skills programmed is a three-day course which aims to enhance the skills of hiring managers in selecting qualified, successful candidates. Hiring managers will be equipped with competency-based interviewing skills to make their roles more successful and less stressful. This course will assist hiring managers to develop and evaluate the effective and accurate assessment of candidates through S.T.A.R techniques


The course is developed based on the 4S Business Strategy Execution Framework Which Competency based interview provides a roadmap and a clear guide to finding the right candidates for your roles. Used by many organisations, competency-based interview will revolutionise the way you hire.

  • Understand and apply competency-based techniques in the interview
  • Develop competency-based interview questions
  • Use effective and objective interviewing techniques
  • Recognize the diversity of personalities and effective communication techniques
  • Identify and understand the various mistakes in the interview
  • Understand and implement the evaluation and selection process
  • Set the conditions for successful execution of strategy and plans by creating optimal structures, systems and processes

During and in between the eight modules, participants will experience coaching in action. They will join practice groups and supervision groups, led by expert coaches from AJM Academy. These sessions, as well as organisational observations will take place face-to-face during the modules, and virtually in between modules.

Course Curriculum

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