Auditing Digital Risk by Mario Bojilov

About Course


Today’s organizations face a critical dilemma – embrace Digital Transformation and remain a leader or embrace the status quo and become a laggard. This is based on the fact that Digital Transformation is starting to permeate organizations and can be found in a plethora of unusual places. This program is designed to allow senior leaders and various other Risk and Audit professionals understand the opportunities and impact in Digital Risks within the enterprise.


This program is suitable for the following professionals:

  • Internal auditors and assurance professionals
  • Risk and governance professionals
  • Internal audit managers and supervisors
  • Internal audit directors
  • Risk managers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Audit Executives
  • External Auditors

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate and explain the impact of Digital Technology on Enterprises and Government
  • Understand the different types of Digital Risks organizations face
  • Establish a Governance framework for managing Digital Risks
  • Create methodologies to audit different types of Digital Risks
  • Understand and implement various types of automation in auditing Digital Risks
  • Create and maintain a Digital Risk Universe
  • Create and maintain a Digital Risk Audit Plan

Course Curriculum

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