Our Courses


With the extensive hands-on experience of our consultants, we support and guide organization into drawing their desired future and put in place strategies and plans that can take them there more rapidly. Our approach is that we take organization through a discovery process through which the organization gain a deeper understanding about their position, and subsequently develop with high ownership strategies for capitalizing on strength and opportunities, and mitigating threats and weaknesses.


We help organization establish a framework that measures all the factors that create value for the business. Management will have access to a dashboard that will enable them to monitor the progress towards achieving their strategies and vision on a timely and accurate manner.


With our compound HR experience, expertise and knowledge we are able to help organization establish comprehensive and effective HRM framework, either from scratch or revamping existing ones. We provide options of proven world-class models that organization can opt to implement as is or use it as a benchmark to guide development of a version of their own.


Our recruitment courses options ranges from fully outsourced recruitment to simple screening and provision of a shortlist of relevant CV. With our online testing, state-of-the-art assessment tool and far reaching network, we are able to provide our clients top-notch talents that will help business thrive. We always seek to have a deeper understanding of our clients business needs so that we bring them the right candidates who can fulfill those needs quickly and cost effectively.


We provide a range of courses that help organizations develop well-rounded leadership cadre to meet their current and future business needs. This includes development of a blueprint for a coherent leadership development framework, guide and support the implementation of the framework, establish a leadership assessment centers and provide executive coaches. We also offer a range of the innovative business simulation modules through our partner ‘CELEMI’ that covers all the important business management domains.


TO facilitates high profile training and development programs that enable individuals and businesses to thrive. We provide open programs as well as customized ones based on our clients needs.