Assured Certificate in Professional Coaching and Mentoring

About Course


This programme is designed to develop the role of managers and team leaders as effective coaches and mentors. This programme provides methods and practices that enhanced the skills and confidence in performing the functions as coach and mentor. The hands-on methodologies and practices of coaching and mentoring provide the emotional nourishment and energy needed to transform team members and produce a positive impact on the performance of the organisation.


During and in between the six modules, participants will experience coaching in action. They will join practice groups and supervision groups, led by expert coaches from AJM Academy. These sessions, as well as organisational observations will take place face-to-face during the modules, and virtually in between modules.


This programme is designed to equip current and future Coach and Mentor with Coaching and Mentoring competencies for them to effectively execute their specific roles in order to achieve the desired outcomes for both personally and professionally.


Upon completion, learners shall be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of coaching and mentoring
  • Increase self-confidence and leadership
  • Guide, coach and mentor team members
  • Apply relevant and suitable coaching and mentoring techniques
  • Evaluate and monitor coaching and mentoring impacts and outcomes

Course Curriculum

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Talent Oasis