High-Impact Communication Skills for Managers

About Course


This two-day programme is designed to provide managers with techniques and strategies to enhance their effectiveness and impact in speaking and presentation. It aims to refine the manager’s ability to adapt high-impact communication to different types of audience and effectively deliver motivating and memorable speeches and presentations. This program is based on hands-on experience and practices and is filled with activities, discussions, role-plays and video clips.


By the end of the programme, managers will able to deliver high impact speaking and presentation through the following objectives:

  • Developing the managers’ fundamental knowledge on creating high impact speaking and presentation.
  • Practising a series of proven speaking and presentation techniques and strategies through a variety of hands-on activities.
  • Reinforcing an awareness and understanding of how verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal can impact speaking and presentation.
  • Enhancing the participants’ competence to manage questions and feedback.

This programme focuses on the following three pillars:

  • Aspiration – the concept of ‘beginning with an end in mind.’ High-impact communication starts with a clear aim of the desired direction, outcome, and achievement.
  • Behaviour – how we conduct ourselves when we speak in public. Self-presentation and delivery methods are the critical ingredients that will make or break you during your performance.
  • Connection – the actions that bind and unite you with your audience. It refers to your engagement with the audience throughout your performance.
  • Module 1 – The fundamentals of a high-impact communication – the ABC Method
  • Module 2 – Aspiration of high-impact communication
  • Module 3 – Behaviour of high-impact communication
  • Module 4 – Connection of high-impact communication
  • Module 5 – Five-stage format of high-impact communication
  • Module 6 – High-impact communication in action

Course Curriculum

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