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Assured Certificate in Leadership & People Management

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This programme is designed on the fundamental premise that leadership skills can be nurtured and developed. All good leaders require several skills to help them positively interact with employees or team members. Through practice, the skills will enable learners to be successful as a leader. This programme allows for participants to develop knowledge and skills essential for effective learning self, others and organisation. Undertaking this programme will enable participants to improve the understanding of leadership expectations in terms of roles, behaviours and skills to lead self, others and organisation towards common goals.


Upon completion, learners shall be able to:

  • Assessing leadership capabilities, challenges and potential growth areas
  • Developing your own and others’ leadership talents
  • Understanding, motivating and communicating within teams
  • Developing coaching skills and use effective coaching techniques to improve staff performance
  • Developing high performance team
  • Leading organisational change
  • Using a systematic problem-solving and decision-making approach
  • Formulating and implementing leadership strategies effectively

The overall aim of this five-day training programme is to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to improve each participant’s leadership and people management skills. In order to achieve this, the course will aim to develop:

  • An awareness of your leadership styles and performance indicators gap.
  • An understanding of the roles of leaders at four different stages and determine what leadership behaviours and competencies are appropriate in any given situation.
  • An opportunity to practice specific leadership skill sets in order to create a high-performance and a more effective leader.
  • A clear idea how new leadership skills may be applied in the workplace to improve team performance and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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