Talent Acquisition

An international survey shows that 89% of HR recruiters in manufacturing (operation), 88% in retail and 83% in wholesale feel that talent acquisition is a current challenge of any HRS. Talent Oasis looks into time to fill, cost per hire, client's satisfaction rating, quality of hires and effectiveness ratio to break the challenge.

Talent Oasisis attracting and acquiring the most qualified talent in fraction of the time and at a greater value than other industry peers. In order to sustain this mission, Talent Oasis also serves clients in their efforts to develop and retain talent that seek to deliver sustained business results. This has been done by employing two of the state-of-the-art Talent Oasis toolkits:

  • Talent Oasis Online Test System (this is to be linked to Online Test System page)
  • Harrison Assessment (this is to be linked to Harrison Assessment page)

 Talent Oasis not only engages with talent acquisition but in strategic talent acquisition, this is engraved in our philosophy that there are no two similar business, therefore each business has its own unique talent acquisitionrequirements, logically conducting what others are doing is nothing but falling behind.

Talent Oasis, talent acquisition strategies are formed by client's specific business requirements, Talent Oasis does not look at client's vertical trends or behaviors. Talent Oasis understands that only a fully customized approach to client's talent acquisition needs will deliver their business results.

Talent Oasis objective is to be a value adding partner by offering and conducting market-tested assessments and implementing forward-thinking strategic plans, this is to bring competitive advantage and future-proof client's business.