Executive Search

Talent Oasis Management & HRD is an Omani consultancy company of highly experienced consultants with an industry respected approach to executive search. Talent Oasis is highly focused on knowledge, collaboration and transparency as the foundation for providing clients the most comprehensive and custom solutions possible.

Talent Oasis executive search team has both in-depth domain expertise and a global network as their search resource. This has made Talent Oasis Management & HRD a premier Omani company in domain of executive recruiting search for global business objectives today.

Moreover Talent Oasis offers its flagship Leadership Advisory (LA Model) services for:

  • Leadership succession planning.
  • CEO evaluation.
  • Leadership assessment.
  • Leadership Paradox assessment.
  • Leadership gap analysis.
  • Leadership cultural engagement.
  • Board dynamics evaluation.
  • Organization structure evaluation.
  • 360 degree evaluations.
  • Leadership coaching
  • Leadership onboarding

 Talent Oasis, highly professional executive search approach provides speed and efficiency, driving down the timeand cost without compromising quality standards. Talent Oasis executive search team provides confidential, efficient and personalized service. Working in partnership with our clients, Talent Oasis tracks down and attracts the executives in the corporate and professional worlds. Talent Oasis seeks only those who are effective in what they do and are marked out as achievers in their field.