Competency Modelling & Mapping

Managing human capital is critical in building a successful organization. The human resource function should play a strategic partner role to the business unitswithin an organization by moving away from providing just “operational” support to providing strategic HR services. The respective business units must take equal responsibilities in managing human resources. It must be emphasized to all staff that they are responsible for the development of their subordinates and time should be allocated for such responsibilities. As such a

initiative ensures a strategic orientation.

Talent Oasis Competency Modelling & Mapping is a single underlying construct framework that provides a rational, consistent and practical basis for the purpose of understanding an employee’s behaviours at work and the likelihood of being able to succeed in certain roles and in certain environments.

Talent Oasis Competency Modelling & Mapping (CMM) will build on and advance the current client’s competencybased assessment. In the past, organisations have often understood competencies only in the context of competency dictionaries, which have perhaps comprised up to 60 competencies, out of which they have chosen a sub-set of those they consider to be the most relevant.

In this context, Talent Oasis would like to introduce its proprietary competency modelling and mapping framework. Talent Oasis CMM (TO-CMM) supports a more structured and evidence-based approach.

Talent Oasis CMM presents a state-of-the-art perspective on competencies and underpins all HR services. The TO-CMM framework incorporates a model of performance at work that defines the relationships between competency potential, competency requirements, and competencies themselves.

 The TO-CMM competency framework, supported by the Talent Oasis rich database, provides a comprehensive and easy to use resource for the development and analysis of competency models across a range of industries. It points to ways in which employees and their work setting interact, and it has implications for how performance in the work place can be managed.

By implementing Talent Oasis Competency Modelling & Mapping, clients can focus on the knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviours needed to:

  •   Attract the right staff to realise the client’s vision by providing reliable, innovative and excellent operations.
  • Develop staff potential, which provides a stimulating working environment, where every day will be different.
  • Retain the talent pool, which offers exceptional opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  • Engage the staff, and empower employees who embrace new challenges and are willing to take ownership and responsibility.
  • Align employees with organizational mission, vision, values and strategies.

Talent Oasis CMM is designed to be used for recruitment, selection, performance management, training & development, succession planning, career planning, recognition & reward discussions and decision making about progression.