Assessment Centre

Talent Oasis Management & HRD Consultancy Assessment Center uses the most advanced technology available to provide client's profiling needs. A networked and mobile system, designed specifically for the Talent Oasis Assessment Center, is used to streamline and simplify the process of assessments and profiling.

Talent Oasis assessment center offers its clients:

  • A rigorous, proprietary mobile assessment and tests methodologies and systems.
  • Selection of 500+ choices of client’s test options.
  • Competency based mobile assessments.
  • A proprietary candidate assessment system to single out qualified candidates who are intelligent, ambitious and empathetic.
  • Access to renowned psychologist for client’s on demand custom made assessments.
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Readiness System
  • Talent Development Solutions

 Talent Oasis assessment center offers range of online testing, assessments and profiling:

Talent Profiling

Talent Oasis assessment center offers talent Profiling services to business and industry. Profiling is customized for each client's needs, providing both initial screening for all applicants and in-depth profiling for finalists. Talent Oasis assessment center provides consistent, objective data to assist client's in making informed talent acquisition and promotion decisions.

 Career Profiling

Making the right career choice can be difficult. Talent Oasis assessment center is equipped with necessary toolkits to assist freshman and students in making the right career choice. The Career Profile of Talent Oasis will assess candidate’s abilities, interests, and personality type to link their with appropriate career options.

By using Talent Oasis assessment methodology many important characteristics can be discovered. A professional of Talent Oasis will guide the candidate through the process and help the candidate tap into the resources that are critical in help selecting an appropriate career.

The Career Profile helps take the guesswork out of one of the most important decisions that a freshman will make. It greatly improves each individualchances of educational success and the potential for a career that is rewarding.

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